Having a new home is great. Buying one isn't. Complicated, stressful and way out of date. And then you can add the threat of fraud on top. It's not good.

We're here to fix that. We think that people going through big life moments like these should have a smooth and safe experience.

That's why we created Thirdfort. It makes dealing with lawyers simple, smooth and incredibly secure.

And for lawyers, we take the risk out of dealing with strangers. We remove all the hassle out of verifying identify and performing anti-money laundering checks.

We do this through a super slick mobile app that has AI driven identity tech with open banking and awesome analytics.

Above is a short video from Summer 2018 when it was just co-founders Olly and Jack - now we're 45! The mission remains the same, stamping out fraud in property while simplifying the legal process.

  • Flexible working / working from home

  • Unlimited holidays

  • ┬úcompetitive and options

  • Central Manchester and London

  • Free drinks and coffee